Our Chapter History

Phi Kappa Tau, Beta Phi Chapter; Founded as Delta Nu, November 28, 1949; Chartered as Phi Kappa Tau, May 19, 1952
William Stedman, Henry Kautz, and Raymond Splitstone formed the nucleus of a new fraternity on the Westminster campus on September 19, 1949. Soon joined by five other men, the Delta Nu local was formed on November 28, 1949, with the Greek motto: “Equality in attitudes, superiority in deeds.”
Phi Kappa Tau field secretary Thomas W. Athey visited the campus in September to ask the group to consider petitioning Phi Kappa Tau. The college later promised to recognize Delta Nu if it would seek affiliation with Phi Kappa Tau.
The fraternity’s first permanent meeting place was a rented two-bedroom apartment taken in September 1950. A year later, Delta Nu moved into its first house at 134 Waugh Avenue.
Thirty-four men signed the Beta Phi charter on the afternoon of May 19, 1952, prior to an all-college open house at the chapter house.
On March 17th 1997, Beta Phi’s current chapter house at 311 Maple Street New Wilmington, PA was dedicated. The house is the first on Westminster’s campus to be built specifically for the purpose of housing a fraternity.
Beta Phi has a long, productive history and will continue to exemplify Phi Tau’s creed and mission in the fraternity’s second century.
This group is to bring together the many generations of Phi Tau’s from the Beta Phi Chapter.
“I shall remain loyal to my College and my Chapter, and keep strong my ties to them that I may ever retain the spirit of youth.”
“When you’re a brother, you’re a brother for life”

Signed Charter on May 19th 1952

First Name Last Name Class
Raymond William Stedman
John McKnight 51
Franklin Jones 50
Donald Lammers 51
George Bleasby Advisor
Paul Wierman
Leo Lohr 51
Gerald Hurd 54
Lee Corey
Robert McConnell 53
William Kimpel 54
Thomas Patterson
Bruce Thielemann 55
Richard Barnhart 55
Charles Garrett 55
Robert Chidester 54
William Meyer 53
Harold Denhart 52
Harry Aichner 52
Walter Richmond 52
Will Maurer 53
Edwin York 53
John Robb 53
Crea Clark 54
H. Evert 54
Albert Schartner 53
Jerald King 55
John Louis Schmidt 55
James Clinefelter 52
Richard Calkins 61
Alan Yeo 53
John Babbitt 54
Joseph Salisbury 55


Notable Alumni Nationally

William Brantley Aycock, chancellor of UNC-Chapel Hill, 1957–1964
Leroy Chiao, astronaut
Charles Bassett (Ohio State University 1951), NASA astronaut
Paul Newman, Academy Award-winning actor, race-car driver, and philanthropist
John Beradino, baseball player (St. Louis Browns) and actor
Matthew Mann, swimming coach, 1952 Olympics
Frank P. Austin (University of Cincinnati 1957), celebrity interior designer, designed Playboy Mansion interiors
Al Barry (University of Southern California 1953), pro football player with the Green Bay PackersNew York Giants, and Los Angeles Chargers